Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

My beloved employer is sponsoring scholarships again. As in the last years, there is one dedicated for students with disabilities. If you are a student which has a hearing impairment or know other students which have, please point them to this page.

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Hearinghacks Slack Forum

It has been silent around here, but that does not mean other people don’t to awesome things in the hearing aid world. I’d like to point everyone of you to a slack chat/forum to discuss hearing aids technology and hacks around it.

So far it has been rather calm, which is why we are looking for more people! My friend Gianluca is managing it. You can request an invite here: Hope to see you there! :)


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This and that

I don’t have many activities in the hearing aid field going on myself, but since I still follow the news in the field and receive pointers here and there, I thought, I’ll write up some of the interesting stuff.

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What happened since 28c3?

It has been nearly a year since 28c3, the chaos communication congress where I held my talk “Bionic Ears”. It’s been an interesting time since then with lots of developments that I hadn’t anticipated when I handed in the proposal for the talk. I have been planning to write a “what happened since then” post for a while and now, shortly before 29c3, here it is.

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10 things you should never say to a deaf / hearing-impaired person

This article nicely summarizes the frequent douche-bagginess that deaf / hearing-impaired people are facing.

I can confirm that every single point once in a while ruins my days. Interestingly, I find the point “But I find subtitles annoying” very upsetting. It happened to me several times that I was invited to a DVD evening with friends and when I asked for subtitles to be switched on I was facing an hour long discussion about whether or not it is necessary. Seriously, the most disappointing fact is that it is even highly intelligent people fail to get that a hearing loss is not “negotiable”. When I say I need subtitles, then it is a fact and not a matter of convenience.

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Apple’s plans to improve support for the hearing impaired

I was recently (and repeatedly ;)) pointed to these news.

My personal opinion is that I am sceptical, if this is really aimed to actually help the hearing impaired or if it is just one piece in the game of patents. Even if this will yield to actual products, it might certainly not make the market any more open (at least with apple’s history, that would surprise me). I hope we do not end up in a scenario where you can only use Apple products with Apple hearing aids.

But maybe I am wrong and Apple will surprise me. We will see. :)

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Interview to the BBC

I gave an interview about hearing aid DYI and hacking in the BCC. See the full article here:

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Hearing-impaired Boy gets his own Superhero

I love to point to this article, about a boy who was unhappy about having to wear hearing aids. His mother ask Marvel comics if there are any superheros with hearing aids and they send her a copy. Things like that make me smile.

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Hipster Hearing Aids

I laughed. (Found here:

Hipster Hearing Aids

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Interview with

I recently gave an interview to, a blog about the hearing aid industry (in German). It is mostly about my experiences with hearing aids and my wishes to the hearing aid industry. Enjoy the read!

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